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Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society


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What kind of society we are?

JES, or Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society is an entrepreneurial community from students to students. We provide speaker events, workshops, inspiration and opportunities. We are part of a nation-wide network of ES-organizations, who spread the joy of entrepreneurship in their own cities.

Our core events are brunches where it is easy to network and inspiring speaker events also known as Stages. Additionally, we are continuously innovating new events, such as workshops, excursions and brainstorming weekends.


Upcoming events

No upcoming events at the moment

Release on the effects of Corona virus on JES’ activities

The board of Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society has, 12 March 2020, decided to cancel all its events until further notice as a precaution against the spreading of Corona virus (COVID-19). The decision has been made based on Finnish government’s recommendations for event organizers, and following the decisions of city of Jyväskylä and JYU to cancel all or some of their public events.  As organizers of public events we take the given general instructions seriously and do not want to expose our event attendees to the risk of infection.


We are deeply sorry about having to cancel our already planned events, but with our decision, we want to take part in the precautionary actions especially to take the high-risk groups into consideration.


While the normal event production at JES is on a break, the board focuses on planning and developing our strategy and activities so that once we come back, we could offer you even greater events. We continuously follow updates in official guidelines and other organizers’ outlinings - for further information, we suggest you to follow our different channels. We truly hope we can make a comeback as soon as possible!


If needed, additional information is given by our Chairman of the Board Oskari Friman, 



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JESlive on uusi tapahtumiemme online-versio. Näihin tapahtumiin voit siis osallistua vaikka kotikatsomosta käsin! JESlivet voivat pitää sisällään niin keynote-puheenvuoroja, paneelikeskusteluja kuin esimerkiksi workshopejakin.

JESlivet streamataan Youtubeen, ja tapahtuman aikana sekä sen jälkeen pääset esittämään kysymyksiä ja kommentteja JES:n Discordissa. Discord-kanavalle kannattaa liittyä muutenkin, jos haluat vaihtaa kuulumisia muiden jessiläisten kanssa rennon letkeässä ilmapiirissä.


JEScast - logo_tpbg.png

JEScast tuo JES:n tapahtumille uskolliseen tyyliin tarinat yrittäjyydestä ja itsensä kehittämisestä podcastin muotoon.

Tähän mennessä julkaistujen jaksojen aiheita ovat olleet muun muassa sisäinen yrittäjyys, vastuullinen kuluttaminen esiintymisjännistys sekä tiimityöskentely & vuorovaikutus.

JESlive Youtube
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How to get involved?


  • Work experience

  • Friends

  • Interesting projects

  • Look more into volunteering

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JES Chairman of the Board

JES Vice Chairman 

Oskari Friman

+358 44 213 3559

Iiris Pohjola

+358 44 296 6826

We want to continuously develop JES ry according to the wishes of our members. Here you can leave feedback and share ideas related to the organization's activities. Any feedback is welcome to us!

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