What is JES?

We encourage students to become entrepreneurs and we offer concrete possibilities to self development, finding your own thing, meet new people and getting contacted to the world of business. 

At its best our activities have made it possible to find a new job, generating business ideas and even establishing your own company!

Our background

In 2011 there was a group of guys who wanted to meet new active students interested about entrepreneurship in a relaxed atmosphere. Because there was no one that would have made it possible for entrepreneurial students to come together, they decided to start arranging events themselves. Eventually, more and more students got involved to these events. Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society was born. 


JES, or Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society is a group of entrepreneurial-minded students. We offer speaker events, workshops, inspiration, possibilities among many others. We are part of a nation-wide network of ES-organizations, who spread the joy of entrepreneurship in their own cities.


JES's mission is to combine ideas with creators and make entrepreneurship a real option for students.


In 2020 JES is the most prominent and interdisciplinary network in Jyväskylä for entrepreneurial students who are interested in self-development and for early-stage entrepreneurs.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Relevance

  • Transparency

  • Originality

  • Easy to approach

Being involved in JES and being part of the community is the best investment a student can make for their own future.

JES strategy 2023


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Board activity

The board arranges events and takes care of society’s activities. In addition to the chairman, the board includes approximately 12 board members, each have their own areas of responsibility. The new board is elected annually at the autumn meeting in November.


Events in a nutshell


Learn new things and meet interesting people

Easy to participate




Upcoming events

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