Should I become a student entrepreneur?

Great that you are interested in student entrepreneurship! Hopefully you are willing to take this first step in your entrepreneurial career, because the journey is going to be long, instructive, memorable and surely worth it.

JES supporting the student entrepreneur

JES collaborates with many organizations in Jyväskylä and in middle Finland who are willing to help you during your journey as an entrepreneur. We will guide you to the right direction if you need any help. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 


To get more information you can contact the board and we will help you forward!

During your entrepreneurship journey you can ask help from:

The Startup Factory

Keski-Suomen Yritysidea

JES Contact person

Iiris Pohjola

Public Relations Representantive

+358 44 296 6826

What if you tried?

Entrepreneurship does not have to be trying alone and you should not be left alone with your own questions. If you want to reach the top we recommend working ideas with experts. Thus, you can avoid pitfalls and predictable mistakes, and you recognize your business idea’s strengths.


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